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"I have had the opportunity to work with UA Medical Products and Fanish Engineer for over 10 years. The service has always been excellent and the products of high quality. I can comfortably recommend UA Medical to any physician or practice."

"Eric Feinberg, M.D., FACOG Chairman, Department of Obsterics Caromont Health Care"
Bronchial Cytology Brushes
The Bronchial Cytology Brushes are designed to meet the needs of the professional. They provide high-quality brushes that offer the following features:

Ease of Operation

  • One-handed retraction allows the removal of the entire instrument at once
  • Sure-Stop locks the brush inside the sheath during retraction
  • Innovative three-ring handle facilitates both brush extension beyond the sheath and instrument removal
  • Single-use disposability 
Quality Sample Collection
  • Radiopaque tip reduces mucosal trauma and perforation
  • Bristles with a unique Christmas tree configuration encapsulates cells within the brush as they scrape, minimizing cell loss in the sheath
Disposable Bronchial Cytology Brush 3104
Catalog #: 3104
List price: $10.50

UA Price: $10.50
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Disposable Bronchial Cytology Brush 3102
Catalog #: 3102
List price: $10.50

UA Price: $10.50
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