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"Quality medical products at reasonable costs with reliable service - That's what you can expect from U.A. Medical Products. I have worked with Fanish Engineer for many years and value that relationship for my practice and my patients."

"Dr. James G. Zolzer, Lakeshore Women's Specialists, PC"
Disposable Endoscopic Brushes
UA Medical Products provides conveniently packaged 25 per box with a realistic cost and packaged for single use to prevent cross contamination.  

These Telemed Systems brushes are made of a high quality nylon full bristle scrubbing brushes.  

The Blunt end tip brushes protect delicate channels and are designed for use with endoscopes to achieve excellent all around cleaning. 
General All Purpose Brush
Catalog #: 8093
List price: $2.00

UA Price: $2.00
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Suction Port Brush, Double Ended
Catalog #: 8095
List price: $2.00

UA Price: $2.00
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Double Brushed Cleaning Brush, 260cm
Catalog #: 8006
List price: $2.75

UA Price: $2.75
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Disposable Endoscopic Brush Kit
Catalog #: 8007
List price: $5.50

UA Price: $5.50
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